Thursday, February 20, 2014

Poetry as Justice: Important article by educator Leila Rosen

One of my favourite poets in high school was Wilfred Owen.  I was riveted by the history of World War I and I remember his statements about war, and "the pity of war."  He seemed to be a voice of sanity at what was a time of unbelievable and really unbearable carnage and cruelty.  But I did not know when I was in high school what Aesthetic Realism associate and educator Leila Rosen explains here: that the very technique of Wilfred Owen's poetry is completely opposed to racism.  The way of thinking he had as he brought together words to form beautiful poetry, poetry that has stood the test of time, was kind and it was just.

Read Leila Rosen's amazing account of how studying the poetry of Wilfred Owen changed prejudice in her students at a crucial time for race relations in New York City.  It is a blueprint for education today.