Friday, February 03, 2017

"Every person can tell you something about yourself."

Here - below - is part of a review published in the Harlem Times by Alice Bernstein, Aesthetic Realism associate, journalist and founder of the Alliance of Ethics and Art. She is writing about Eli Siegel's book "Children's Guide to Parents and Other Matters." I am quoting it because, in its brevity, it describes the way of seeing needed in order for racism to end. Mrs. Bernstein writes:
"Reading these essays I asked myself the question: How should we see people different from us, whether in our own family or in a strange land far away? I’m sure every reader will be grateful for the essay on “People,” in which Mr. Siegel writes:
People are of all kinds. No matter what kind they are, they have something to do with you. You use people right when, by finding out what they are, you come to be more yourself. Every person can tell you something about yourself.
"As a person who’s read this book to youngsters, I want everyone to experience the good time of finding out how the feelings of others–a brother, friend, classmate, neighbor, and people of different races and nations–can have us know ourselves better! This way of seeing is so needed today, personally and internationally."
                                    --Reviewed in Parent Guide magazine.

I agree with Alice Bernstein, whose work has done so much to have this essential education known. It is light years ahead of the idea of "tolerance" or "acceptance": it is a true guide to the way of thinking about other people that every child and every adult is longing to have. 

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