Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thomas Comma

This new, animated film by Emmy-award winner Ken Kimmelman is about a lonely comma who doesn't belong anywhere. His adventures, his odyssey, as he tries to fit in, tries to find a place in this world, is told of lovingly, movingly, charmingly by narrator Anne Fielding, and "Thomas" himself, Timothy Lynch. Writer and critic Martha Baird was inspired to compose the short story which the film brings to the big screen by these words by Eli Siegel, the poet, critic, and founder of Aesthetic Realism: "As lonely as a comma without a sentence."

As my friend and colleague in the study of Aesthetic Realism, Sally Ross, said, Thomas Comma is of every race, every background. His question is our question. We are all Thomas Comma, looking for the right sentence!

This film is a must for educators, children, and grown-ups too.

See the lovely, mischievous stills from the film!