Friday, December 19, 2014

A Powerful Article Against Racism

There is an important article by Dr. Jaime Torres that has recently come to my attention, Aesthetic Realism Can End Racism and Prejudice.  In it he speaks about his early life growing up in Puerto Rico and how ethnicity was seen including by himself and others, and then about his experiences as he settled in New York.  What he later learned from Aesthetic Realism about the cause of racism where it begins in the self of every person could change America and the world.  Through what he writes, his conviction, clarity, and eloquence on the subject, everyone can have more feeling both about what people go through who are seen with prejudice, AND that this cheap, ugly state of mind really can successfully be opposed and ended.
I respect and am grateful to have learned from the way Dr. Torres places Eli Siegel's scholarly, passionate and completely unequivocal opposition to racism, right from the earliest years of his life.