Monday, December 01, 2014

Aesthetic Realism and Sojourner Truth: "A Woman Whose Name Was Truth," by Karen Van Outryve

"A Woman Whose Name Was Truth" is the title of an important and moving article by Aesthetic Realism consultant and poet Karen Van Outryve. It is about the great American abolitionist, Sojourner Truth.

With the recent events in Ferguson, MO, I hope that everyone in the US can read about her life, what she endured and the strength of mind, the ethics she had as a person growing up in the most difficult and painful circumstances. In this paper we learn what slavery came from, and it's clearly the same ugly state of mind that causes racism today. She is an example for us all, and through the principles of Aesthetic Realism Karen Van Outryve enables her words and actions to REALLY change us for the better.

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