Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The most anti-racism book I know

The most anti-racism book I know?  This is it:
"Self and World, An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism," by Eli Siegel.
Why anti-racism?
It's the deepest, most compassionate and clearest description of people and how we come to see the world that I've ever read.  It is also very funny, and you recognize aspects of yourself in so many of the characters Eli Siegel writes about, and learn from them all.  The chapter titled "The Child" is a must-read for every person who has to do with children.  "Love and Reality" explains what people are hoping for in love, and what can go wrong between two people who care for each other.  "The Aesthetic Method in Self-Conflict" shows how we are hoping, in our ordinary lives, to literally be like art, to put together opposites the way a beautiful line of poetry or a great concerto does.  "Psychiatry, Economics, Aesthetics" tells of the relation between every individual and the great multitudinous economy and nation that we find ourselves part of, and what is the difference between the purpose of art and the purpose of acquisition.
What does guilt come from?  What is a good use of our imagination, and where can our imaginings hurt us?  Dreams, what are they about?  This book answers these questions.  And there is more, and more...
These are questions of every individual of every century.  They are not Black questions, White questions, Asian questions, Latino questions!  They are human questions.